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I am a designer, developer, and problem solver. I make websites and stuff. I work with brazen startups, modest individuals, earnest small business, and everyone in between. I care as much about how things look as how they work. I enjoy writing and teaching what I know. The best part about my job is constantly learning new things. Let's talk…

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I do personal sites, commercial sites, non-profits, web apps, mobile apps, e-commerce, interfaces, pinball machines, goat obstacle courses, and everything in between. Quote me!

Software Development

I'm a "full-stack" developer with lots of experience including: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Postresql, Rails, CakePHP, Wordpress, Vue, AngularJS, Gulp, Git, Heroku, jQuery, SASS, and lots of other acronyms… Quote me!


I've worked with a wide range of organizations, helping to translate business goals into successful web strategies. I was the CTO of two successful start-ups, so I also have a lot of experience scaling teams and technologies. Quote me!

Free 15 Minute Review

Need feedback on something? Interested in how I might approach a problem? Or maybe you're just curious what I think about something. Sure, I'll have a look. Yes please!



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